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TMJ, TMJD and TMD from a Dentist's Point of View

More and more people are finding themselves in the dentist's chair with mysterious pain. They can no longer eat the same foods, they struggle with headaches and fatigue...everything seems to be suddenly different. Their lives are changing or changed forever because of TMD. Tempromandibular Joint Disorder.

Whatever their level of diagnosis, when they get home and turn to the internet to search for information, they find it nearly impossible to sort the fact from the advertisements.

What the heck is TMD? How did I get it? Is it permanent? Will it get worse? They have a million questions and nobody who can give them definitive answers.

You know why? We need to hear from a DENTIST! Enter Stephanie Yap.

I met her on Twitter. Not only is she a dentist currently practicing in Queensland, Australia, but she also suffers from tmd in the form of bruxism. (Just like me!)

In the interview below, she provides a lot of context for those of us feeling frustrated by the mystery of our condition.

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